About Us

We as women – be it mothers, daughters, sisters, grandmothers, cousins, friends, or sisters in Christ – are called by our Triune God and our Lady to be pillars of our families. To be the strongholds of our communities, to unite families and churches in hope under the Head of our Father God, Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit (our Triune God).

We are inspired by our Virgin Mary when in humility she agrees to follow God’s will and when she visits her cousin Elizabeth in her hour of need. Mary serves her cousin in all humility for three months until the birth of John the Baptist.

As the Women in Christ based in Gauteng – South Africa, we aim to live like Mary did. We are serving God’s call, His Will. We are here to support and celebrate other women from various walks of life who cross our paths. To live by the truth and in love, grow completely into Christ as the Virgin Mary as our guide.

We are here to journey with and serve young, single, married, divorced, widowed women, mothers or grandmothers from different walks of life, especially in their hour of need. We set up weekend and day retreats that focus on Catholic teachings. Where needed, we provide counselling or guide women to the right place for counselling.